Laguna Beach: 949.529.4242

Newport Beach: 949.423.6420

San Diego: 858.215.3661

Stand Up Paddle Rentals

RentalsRentalsRentalsRentalsWith Paddle Board Bliss, we eliminate the hassle of transporting a big, heavy board. We bring the SUP boards directly to the beach, so you can grab it and go. That means no lugging down the stairs and no sand in your car, just straight up BLISS.

We don’t use foam or plastic boards – our boards are made from high-quality materials, making them super stable and great for beginners and intermediates. Our paddles are carbon fiber and adjustable, so you’ll get the perfect length every time.

In Laguna Beach, with Seal Rock and the kelp beds close by, we will tell you where to go, whether you just want to cruise or surf the waves at Rock Pile… Diver’s Cove is the perfect launching point because there are little to no waves!

Laguna Beach:  1 Hour $30 ($10 each additional hour)
Call 949.529.4242 or book online!

Newport Beach:  1 Hour $20 ($10 each additional hour)
Call 949.423.6420 or  Book Online!

San Diego: 1 Hour $20 ($10 each additional hour)

Call 858.215.3661 or  Book Online

All Day: $75 (discounts available for multiple days.)

*Previous Paddling Experience in the ocean is required for rentals.  If you’ve never paddled in the ocean, please sign up for a beginner lesson here.

**Board and paddle is included. Leash and life vest avaliable upon request.


Rent to Buy

Why choose a board in a store when you can stand on a board in the water? Try a different board for each of your rentals and find a sup board that you love!

5 Hours for $125Explorer’s Package $99 and get a FREE hat or tank!

Apply this package to the cost of a NEW board.  Don’t throw your money away on rentals.

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